Send Free SMS Without Registration

It is estimated that mobile phone carriers in America get 200,000,000,000,000 (that’s 2 hundred trillion!) text messages every day. That amounts to more texts than an entire year’s worth of snail mail. But sometimes limits in your data plan can keep you from fully enjoying this mobile luxury to its fullest extent. There is another option for texting fiends. lets you send free SMS without registration so that you always have texting privileges when messaging your mobile contacts.

Americans love their SMS because it is a quick way to say hi, ask a question, drop a note, or let someone know you are thinking about them. Texting is fast, easy, convenient, and fun. It gets the message across without the urgency of live conversation. It’s faster and more direct than email yet not as direct as live conversation – an aspect that can spare you from uncomfortable conversations. You can choose to reply to a text immediately, at your own leisure, or ignore it completely (and later claim to have never received it) – all of which are socially acceptable.

At you will find an uncomplicated layout with simple instructions so that you can send free SMS without registration. Shoot out as many texts across cyberspace to all your friends and family. Simply enter the number of the person you want to text, a subject, and your message. You can even send multiple messages. You will never be required to sign up in order to use this convenient service, and you will never be charged any fees or costs.

When you send free SMS without registration it will also save you the hassle of keeping track of your texts. This is where most cell phone users go wrong. You simply don’t realize just how many texts you are not only sending but also receiving (which you are also charged for).

You probably know from firsthand experience how easy it is to go over your text limit. It isn’t until you receive the monthly bill that you realize just how expensive texting can be. Sending texts with is a practical option for those who have a lot to say but can’t afford a mobile plan with unlimited messaging.

Phone plans can be very pricey and many people cannot afford the luxury of unlimited texts. If this is where you find yourself, sending free SMS via this site will save you a lot of overage charges and help keep you within your cell phone budget.

Texting is one of the most popular forms of communication, slowly edging out other forms such as voice calls and regular mail. With these stats, it’s great to have the alternative of a text provider like, which lets you send free SMS without registration.